About the Network

The Birmingham Benevolence Network is a resource for churches and ministries in the Birmingham area who are seeking to alleviate poverty and care for those in need. This tool is not a panacea but a way to open lines of communication and foster relationships among churches and ministries. With this in mind, a couple local pastors started the Network in hopes of seeing greater cooperation and lasting transformation in our community through the Church.

Using a private blog, cooperating ministries share basic information about people who approach them for assistance. In doing so, we aim to identify people who are taking advantage of us, but we also seek to work together in assisting people with greater needs. Our goal in all of this is to make sure we're truly helping people in Christ's name and not hurting them or ourselves. This happens as we provide holistic, sustainable assistance to people with legitimate needs.

No one makes any money off this service, and we welcome as partners any like-minded ministry or organization in our area.